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The IoT is changing the game and we offer a "game Changer" IoT Platform.

The traditional market is still used to obtaining dedicated command and control solutions from various suppliers over various purpose-built infrastructures, this situation is about to change dramatically.

The IoT revolution will totally eliminate any advantage held by niche solution providers on account of the purpose-built infrastructures, in favour of holistic solutions over a unified infrastructure.


uControl IoT platform supports precisely this process. 

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IoT Value Chain

via UCW IoT Platform

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We provide a versatile interoperable wireless IoT platform, enabling IoT players to synergistically collaborate, empower their expertise, and offer end to end IoT value chain together with other professional partners . 

"There are no end-to-end solutions today and building one from scratch would be a formidable task”


uControl wireless proud to present :

uPC  - The first "Low Energy IoT PC"

A revolutionary edge computing device 

with an embedded operating system specially designed for IoT

Sensors & Protocol agnostic 

Edge device

On site interoperability

Our core technology is based on the combination of: 

  • Edge computing. 

  • Decentralized logic.

  • Distributed processing

Reduce transmissions by up to 90%

by using edge logic and processing power

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Reduce cost & delivery time of IoT Projects  

by up to 70%

Reduce R&D Cost by

up to 70%

Reliable and Secured

Extend Battery Life:

2 - 10 years by adjustable parameters with uCW embedded IoT OS

Offline full functionality

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Platform implementations

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Over the years, we at uControl Wireless

have done it all,

overcoming obstacles through dozens of use cases and accruing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and business allies. 

Maccabi HMO smart building with Telit

Maccabi HMO smart building with Telit

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