The IoT is changing the game and we offer a "game Changer" IoT Platform.

The traditional market is still used to obtaining dedicated command and control solutions from various suppliers over various purpose-built infrastructures, this situation is about to change dramatically.

The IoT revolution will totally eliminate any advantage held by niche solution providers on account of the purpose-built infrastructures, in favour of holistic solutions over a unified infrastructure.


uControl IoT platform supports precisely this process. 

IoT Value Chain

via UCW IoT Platform

We provide a versatile interoperable wireless IoT platform, enabling IoT players to synergistically collaborate, empower their expertise, and offer end to end IoT value chain together with other professional partners . 

"There are no end-to-end solutions today and building one from scratch would be a formidable task”


uControl wireless proud to present :

uPC  - The first "Low Energy IoT PC"

A revolutionary edge computing device 

with an embedded operating system specially designed for IoT

Sensors & Protocol agnostic 

Edge device

On site interoperability

Our core technology is based on the combination of: 

  • Edge computing. 

  • Decentralized logic.

  • Distributed processing

Reduce transmissions by up to 90%

by using edge logic and processing power

Reduce cost & delivery time of IoT Projects  

by up to 70%

Reduce R&D Cost by

up to 70%

Reliable and Secured

Extend Battery Life:

2 - 10 years by adjustable parameters with uCW embedded IoT OS

Offline full functionality

Platform implementations

Industrial IoT Applications with VocalZoom
Inddor precise agricalture
Indoor IoT Tower Farm with Rokeha

Over the years, we at uControl Wireless

have done it all,

overcoming obstacles through dozens of use cases and accruing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and business allies. 

Our Team

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